Not A Travel Writer

By Alexander M Crow

Not a travel writer, but a writer who travels: stories, nature, culture, kindness and, secretly, travel writing. A writer's notebook of sorts, often with special offers and news on tales available and to come. A little bit Snufkin.

Not a travel writer, but a writer who travels: stories, nature, culture, kindness and, secretly, travel writing. A writer's notebook of sorts, often with special offers and news on tales available and to come. A little bit Snufkin.

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Back To School

One morning, a crow calls, staccato and sudden, seemingly breaking their silence since early summer all in a flurry of outcry and warning. Summer is ending!Another morning and there is a surprising dew, every blade of grass is bejewelled, reflecting light and…


Les Grandes Vacances

This is not the normal, full-sized, epic newsletter you’d expect from me, but a relatively brief summer note between friends. Just a hi, how are you? Have some pretty summer photos.


Back Beneath a Mountain

The woods are cool. The air flows above the tumbling, rushing stream, following the steep valley down to the river below. It is urgent, this flow, both water and air, as though it longs to escape the upper slopes, leave the woods behind, and emerge downstream…


Lost Cities and Sustainability

It was 27°c here two weeks ago. The flowers leapt toward the sun with abundant joy, the bees danced and hummed their tales amongst themselves and anyone else who would listen, and the birds designed and structured their nests, some already laying their eggs a…


TIME SENSITIVE! Sale and Publishing News.

This is the first of two newsletters to head out this month and the shorter of the pair. It will be mostly be actual book news and offers, rather than my usual rambles, musings and notes. Those will come later. Without further ado...


Patterns of Time

I find the relatively brief walk to the micro-crèche a welcome break in my day, just getting outside helps and the views of the snow-capped peaks are all kinds of wonderful too (more of which later). Then there are the little things, here is a dunnock, always…


Look Closely, Closer Still...

The days are lengthening in the north and, by now, the extra light is just about noticeable. This is a very good thing, as is the return of some sunshine, after a period of grey and cloud. That said, I loved it when it snowed recently, and snowed those vast c…


The Wheel Turns

In the north, this is the point on the turning of the yearly wheel where all begins to be laid bare. The leaves are mostly scattered in sudden fall and rapid squall, only to regather in corners and dips in the woods to whisper together of the passing of the y…


Sale! Free Books! A New Project!

Sorry for the ! points everywhere.This newsletter is the first of at least two this month — perhaps three, if I get a year-end message crafted in time. Time, these days, is weird. I recently gave this some thought, how new parents talk about not having any ti…


New Beginnings

Overnight, something huge has taken a sieveful of icing sugar and dusted the high places. Each crevice, each crag, every tree, cliff and corrie now shining with that oh-so-special light which is reflected from the first major snow of the season. It is clean a…


Sparrows, Hope, And Rules

This is a season of storm. The birds know it, they are frantic, feeding as quickly as they can before vanishing from sight as the sky drops into the valley and all is obscured by torrent. To all sides the mountains echo with static boom and crunch and light p…


Death In Harmony Is OUT NOW!

After last week’s baby-related announcement episode, this newsletter will be centred around my writing. First, though, a very big thank you to those of you who got in touch about our news; I shall reply individually, but I just wanted you to know I am very to…


The Golden Mountain

As with the spring and the mountain greening, the fall of autumn begins in patches. It is first noticed one morning, with two or three trees shunning their former verdancy, in exchange for a cloak of gold. Then another tree, and another. Before a week has pas…


Soft Launches and Summer's End

August is nearly over. A few days ago, I shared this tweet, which I think neatly encapsulates the season.


Of Mice and Me

I am back from the sea, up in the mountains again, where the weather is perfect and mosquitoes rare*. The wildlife trail camera is set up down by the seasonal stream (the water seems to hide underground for a part of its length at this time of the year), gian…


Lists and Woods

Moving through a natural woodland is different from passing through any other environment. You cannot rush, you cannot allow yourself to miss the little details. The more time you spend amongst the trees, the more you realise this and the quicker your pace al…


Mapping Lives

Everything is wet, everything is fresh and green, new and spring-like until, almost overnight, summer arrives. And she arrives with the subtlety of someone snatching you off the street, fully-clothed, and throwing you into a sauna. The mountain greening is co…


Reviews and Freebies

This is not going to be as long as I’d like or planned. There is a longer draft of this newsletter but, unfortunately, I have simply run out of time to edit and send it.Sending a newsletter which includes group promotion opportunities is not the same as shari…


The Mountain Greening

Of all the magics I have witnessed, the time of the mountain greening is perhaps that which quickens my heart the most. The bursting of spring is deliciously fresh, the bee drone of the long hot summer days sensuality itself, the roaring of the stags as the w…


Water and Wild Boar

As the sun warms, the water flows. Everywhere on the mountainside, the sound of running streams, whether tumbling and brim-full of snowmelt, or thin rivulets, snaking to join their companions. Rhythm, rhyme, melody and music. Other than this, the sounds are m…