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A very short note of apology

Not A Travel Writer
This weekend, has suffered from server issues, which meant the site could not load (I initially thought this was something I’d inadvertently done, but it turns out it was not my fault! Phew.).
Thankfully, this is now solved, and my hosting company is extremely apologetic. The irony that, just as I begin to actually try and make some money from a site I’ve owned for years, it goes down for the very first time, is not lost on me.
This was one of those weekends; I broke a glass, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen (something I’ve never done before), and then my site wouldn’t load.
…this did prompt me to look behind the scenes a little, peer into the misty murky world of cpanels and hosting, of MySQL and webmail and, to my horror, I discovered a cache of unseen-by-me emails, some spam, but most from readers responding to earlier editions of this newsletter.
Normally, I receive messages forwarded to my day-to-day email account, and I respond as quickly as I am able. If you have taken the time to say something in response to one of my letters, then that’s the least I can do.
But, apparently, there was also an issue with the forward, which I am mortified about. This is now fixed, and I have scheduled a monthly check-up, to ensure it still works.
If you are one of those who sent me a reply in the last few months (I foolishly assumed you were all busy and I hadn’t received anything!) then, rest assured, I will be replying as soon as I can.
And thank you, your messages never fail to make me happy; the fact you reply is a wonder, which always brings a smile to my face.
Until next time,
(I couldn’t really send this without an image, could I? This is my current view, a sky full of contrails and spider-threads, carrying spiderlings high into the atmosphere.)
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Alexander M Crow
Alexander M Crow @alexandermcrow

Not a travel writer, but a writer who travels. A writer’s notebook of sorts: nature, culture, words and kindness. Stories crafted with a nomadic heart and wandering feet. Sometimes actually is a travel writer: globally feral. A little bit Snufkin.

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