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Hello friends, 
As I mentioned in October’s newsletter, I am sending this shorter message in order to share news of a group promotion I am taking part in.
This note is probably also a good point to briefly recap why I take part in these promotions, and where I am with my creative journey, which I will do below the promotion.
A big welcome hello to those of you who are new, I hope you hang around and find this space interesting.
Free Books!
For the calendar month of November my novella, Only One Death, is one of nearly fifty free books available to download at Bookcave. As a part of the Brave New Worlds group promotion, this means that all potential readers (of my book, or any of the others) need to do is click on the link, then click on the books they want, in exchange for signing up to an author’s newsletter. Seems a pretty good deal to me and, to make it even more enticing, there is also the chance to win a $20 gift card to Amazon, B&N, or iTunes.
Do have a look, and see if there is anything to your liking — we Indie or hybrid authors really, truly, honestly appreciate each and every sign up and download.
Tropical lagoon.
Tropical lagoon.
On Group Promotions
I find taking part in group promotions useful. Some people sign up for this newsletter (and, I imagine, several other newsletters), download the free book, then immediately unsubscribe. And that’s okay. If that’s what you want to do then do it! I cannot force anyone to stay, but I do like to think that my newsletter offers exceedingly good value. Especially as it is free. I like having a community of engaged, interested readers here, friends old and new. It means a lot to me.
I try and share a variety of things each month, not just group promotions or marketing. Instead, I think of this space as a form of writer’s notebook, where you can see all the little background details which often go into the thought process of creating fiction. And, indeed, non-fiction.
Sharing group promotions is also good for others — and a continuing theme of the newsletter is how we need to support our fellows, whether in the form of shouting about books or movies, or perhaps reminding those we care about that we are here and we are thinking about them.
Kindness is a strange power — too often there are those who believe being kind is a sign of weakness, but that cannot be further from the truth. To be kind, you have to be strong. To be kind, you have to be able to shoulder and share the burdens of others, as well as your own — and you have to be able to process that. From this comes growth — by shunning kindness, by shunning people, any growth achieved is illusionary. Community is essential (now and, especially, in the coming years). I do not think it is incorrect to say it will make or break our species.
This might sound a little far-fetched, but I think it is a crucial point to share now — you are going to hear more about this as I send you letters, after all, so best let you know right now!
If you do enjoy what I have to say, there is a lot more on, or hit reply to this message, hopefully my email issue is now fixed and I’ll be able to reply (I still have some emails to send — I promise I will!).
The shore road.
The shore road.
As I mentioned in that October newsletter, I am currently spending a considerable amount of my time creating travel-related articles and marketing them for my website.
However, I have also managed to do a little work on the final book of my prequel series, Tales of The Lesser Evil. This series is specifically designed for those who will read the fantasy trilogy The Lesser Evil, addressing locations, ideas and, above all, characters who appear in this longer fantasy work. This trilogy is yet to be written or published (it is plotted and planned, however) — this is a long game, after all, and creating these stories now will give the reader more to read, at a time when I will not have the time to write any extra tales in this series. In short, these eight books (four, with a bonus tale per book), are designed to give me extra income later, as well as hopefully entertaining readers who want to know more about the world and characters of The Lesser Evil.
I do not believe I have mentioned this before but, long-term, there is also a projected and a roughly plotted further trilogy set in the same world. That is a few years off yet, though. I also have a list of potential single-novel standalone books.
This final, at this point untitled, book in the Tales of The Lesser Evil is likely to approach or exceed novel length itself, as did the last one, Death in Harmony (59k words). The bonus tale, currently also untitled, is set to be the shortest of the four, as it is a series of short stories, each positioning a major character in the trilogy, and setting events in motion…
I have had no time to edit The Care Industry (the first novel in the series, The Greater Good) as I had hoped, but I should be able to move on to that shortly — probably in the new year. As those of you who have followed me for a while know, this is the series of novels (loooong novels) I started crafting ten or more years ago, before realising I needed to be a better writer to do the story justice. 
Although The Care Industry is set in the here-and-now, it is my way of dealing with a series of thorny questions through the use of characters who are very, very old, and may well be able to manipulate the world in ways we do not comprehend. Call it magic, if you will. Essentially, it also answers the question — if you have lived for thousands of years, and you watched as humankind tries its very best to destroy the world upon which it relies, what would you do?
I’ll not be publishing this series myself, instead following an agent/editor/publisher route. I know this will take time, but I think it will be time well spent. Watch this space.
Archipelago in scarlet.
Archipelago in scarlet.
That’s all for this brief note — I’ll return soon with a longer missive (although this has somehow hit a thousand words — how do I do that?! [Apparently, however, the later algorithm changes for Google SEO ranking means that longer content, such as over 3k words, is more likely to be ranked higher — definitely a win-win for yours truly…]). 
Don’t forget to check out Brave New Worlds on Bookcave and show some love to some other Indie authors, and do take care — here in the north, the winter is beginning to set in, and the nights are getting longer and colder. Stay warm, friends.
(As per usual, photos are all mine, apart from the group promo banner. This time, they are close-ups of peeling paint from the bleached, beached and rotting carcasses of old wooden boats. I found these rather photogenic, and made up little tales around each photograph, hence the strange captions…)
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